SLU Urban Futures works to strengthen the transdisciplinary and collaborative capacity of SLU researchers and educators and increase the visibility of SLU as an attractive partner in urban research, education and practice. It engages with national and international networks that are committed to promoting transdisciplinary research, education and collaboration.

ITD Alliance

The goal of the Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity (ITD) is to link networks, associations, institutions, and individuals with a shared interest in inter- and transdisciplinary theory, methods, and interventions for addressing complex societal challenges and questions. SLU is one of the founding members.
>> ITD Alliance

JPI Urban Europe

Joint Program Initiative Urban Europe is a knowledge hub for urban transitions, connecting public authorities, civil society, scientists, innovators, businesses and industry to provide a new environment for research and innovation.

>> JPI Urban Europe
>> Interview with Jonas Bylund about the Strategic Synthesis Project co-developed with SLU
>> More about the Strategic Synthesis Project

IQ Samhällsbyggnad

IQ Samhällsbyggnad (The Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment) is a Swedish member organization for companies and organizations in the built environment sector that combines research and innovation issues with cross-border collaboration.

>> IQ Samhällsbyggnad

Network for Transdisciplinary Research – td-net (Switzerland)

A network connecting scientific communities, supporting transdisciplinary careers and promoting transdisciplinary capacity building.

>> Network for Transdisciplinary Research
>> Open online course on transdisciplinary research (MOOC)
>> Tour d’Horizon of Literature

International Community of Practice (CoP) and Living Labs

A network co-founded by SLU Urban Futures in 2020 exploring Urban Living Labs from various perspectives (e.g. KPIs, monitoring, ethics, campus as Living Labs) and through peer-to-peer feedback at network meetings, invitations to events and co-publications.  
>> Contact @ SLU:

Sustainability Transitions Research Networks: Urban Transitions and Transformations (UTT)

A group that hopes to convene a structured, pluralistic debate about how to understand and foster ‘whole-system’ change for urban sustainability. The aim is to accommodate and foster dialogue between a range of discourses in science and policy that address urban transitions and transformations.

>> Urban Transitions and Transformations

The Transdisciplinarity Lab

The Transdisciplinarity Lab (USYS TdLab) at ETH Zürich runs research and educational programmes on inter-​ and transdisciplinary cooperation in the field of sustainable development and further develops the theoretical and practical basis for this cooperation.

>> USYS TdLab

TU Berlin – Transdisciplinary theme

As part of the TU strategy for the expansion of transdisciplinary research, internal and external processes are continuously planned and initiated. The unit connects transdisciplinary researchers and interested scientists for strategic projects and supports the development of new projects where non-academic partners are acquired.

>> TU Berlin and transdisciplinarity
>> Stadtmanufaktur Berlin

Leuphana University

>> Inter- and transdisciplinary learning

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

>> Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)
>> District Future – Urban Lab
>> Karlsruhe Real-world Lab for Sustainable Climate Protection (KARLA)

Wuppertal Institute

>> Transformative Research
>> Pledge for a Transformative Science
>> Real-World Laboratories as a New Type of Large-Scale Research Infrastructure

Australian National University

>> Integration and implementation Sciences: i2S – Improving research impact on complex real world problems
>> Toolkits for transdisciplinary research
>> GAIA: Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society – “an inter- and transdisciplinary journal for scientists and other interested parties concerned with the causes and analyses of environmental and sustainability problems and their solutions.”

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