SLU Urban Futures

SLU Urban Futures is one of four Future Platforms at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The platform has a mission to foster transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary ways of working as well as future-oriented teaching and research, across all faculties at SLU.

The thematic focus of SLU Urban Futures includes spatial and socio-ecological sustainability perspectives on urban landscapes as habitat for various groups of humans as well as other-than-human actors, and on urban-rural and urban-hinterland dependencies and interactions.

By being a living, interactive interface between academia and society, SLU Urban Futures operations aim to:

  • identify needs for knowledge, through projects based on synthesis and analysis, and generate academic decision support for issues relevant to society;
  • Identify and develop new research issues as support for solving future problems through collaboration with relevant societal partners.
  • develop interdisciplinary working methods by initiating and coordinating cooperation across academic disciplines.

Supporting transformative capacities

SLU Urban Futures supports transformative capacity building by planting seeds of the future through:

  • Long-term transdisciplinary relations and collaborations
  • Offering tools that support new practices
  • Stimulate change through powerful stories
  • Offer forums for testing ideas and critical dialogue
  • Allow learning from experiments and failure


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