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Urban Take-Aways

A film series by SLU Urban Futures. Researchers and practitioners from various disciplines and fields share insights from inspiring projects related to urban sustainability, with a focus on research methods and knowledge production across disciplines and sectors.

Urban Voices

Spatial injustice, urban segregation, and violence in a Central American capital

The Gateshead Poverty Truth Commission: Sharing the lived experience of poverty

Jagvillhabostad.nu: Safe housing for the youth of today

Research with the potential to change the world

In the apartment buildings of tomorrow, the lowly toilet is set to contribute to reduced emissions and more sustainable agriculture. A new system from researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) transforms urine into nutrient-filled pellets that could replace today’s mineral fertilizers.


SDG11 in SLU publications

SLU’s publication database includes more than 500 publications tied to the 11th Sustainable Development Goal – Sustainable cities and communities. Over 200 are available with Open Access. When you visit the database, use the search function in the bottom left corner to search for specific keywords.

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