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From Living Laboratories to urban healthscapes

How can campuses as Living Labs act as arenas for changing mindsets and catalyzing a paradigm shift for transformative science? The second conference in the series ’Getting our cities right’ brought together some of the most esteemed practitioners within the field of Living Labs in a campus setting. Read the take-aways and summaries from the conference in Alnarp.


SDG11 in SLU publications

SLU’s publication database includes more than 500 publications tied to the 11th Sustainable Development Goal – Sustainable cities and communities. Over 200 are available with Open Access. When you visit the database, use the search function in the bottom left corner to search for specific keywords.

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Learning from the Global South: strategic public space design for the informal city

‘Critical urbanities – Fragmented Cities and Water Landscapes’ is a Linnaeus Palme Partnership between SLU and the University in Buenos Aires (UBA). In this context, landscape architecture scholar Caroline Dahl of SLU Landscape travelled to Buenos Aires in May 2022 for a teacher’s exchange and engaged in a conversation with urban researcher Max Rohm of UBA’s Architecture and Urban Design Faculty.

Urban Voices

Developing an Urban Prototype for a Walkable City

A life on the margins? Living and making a living in an African slum

Spatial injustice, urban segregation, and violence in a Central American capital

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