Urban Wildlife

How animals are affected by living in the city

Urban Biodiversity , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

(News item and video in Swedish) För några år sedan tog sig gråsälar via strömmen in i centrala Norrköping. Rovfåglar och ugglor häckar på höga byggnader i flera städer, och bävrar verkar trivas mitt i Norrköping. Lever vilda…

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Sand nesting bees in the age of urbanization: availability and quality of sandy habitat for wild bee biodiversity

Urban Biodiversity , Urban Ecosystem Services , Urban Wildlife

Wild bees are crucial for maintaining biodiversity in urban areas. The aim of this study is to understand how the availability, size and quality of suitable sandy habitat in urban areas reflects the biodiversity of soil nesting wild…

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Deficient sanitation increases the risk of animal spread diseases in slums

Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Wildlife

A research project led by researchers from SLU is studying how diseases that spread from animals to humans in Salvador, Brazil, can be reduced. The research includes four areas in metropolitan slums with a lack of sanitation, such…

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More wildlife causes problems in cities

Urban Biodiversity , Urban Wildlife

(Article in Swedish) En ny SLU-rapport sätter fokus på den kommunala viltförvaltningen, och visar att upplevda problem orsakade av vilt ökar. Det gäller framför allt i större städer, och ökningen är störst för vildsvin.

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Urban Wildlife and Citizen Science

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Method Development , Urban Wildlife

In this Urban Take-Away we meet Tim Hofmeester, Researcher at the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies and SLU Urban Futures Hub Coordinator in Umeå. He shares his experiences with community science projects, discovering the secret lives…

Wildlife in the city

Urban Biodiversity , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

Hur står sig djurens rättigheter när vi planerar våra städer? Ska vi ha stora parker i städerna eller många små för att de vilda djuren ska trivas? Vilken stadsplanering är bäst för djuren och vilken forskning saknar vi?…

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Animal Adaptations to Survive the Anthropocene

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

The world is changing fast. Some animals adapt and may even thrive in the presence of humans, while other species decline and face extinction. Dr. Kays will present his research using animal tracking and camera traps to study…

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Meet your wild neighbours

Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

Wildlife populations in Sweden have increased while cities have expanded into natural areas. Furthermore, many Swedish cities have a green infrastructure of forests and parks that allows wildlife to move into the city. As a consequence, there seems…

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Bat monitoring in urban areas

Method Development , Urban Biodiversity , Urban Wildlife

Citizens’ science projects, in which the observations of thousands of people are systematically recorded, have a great potential for strengthening human-nature interactions in urban environments and contribute to scientific analyses of urban sustainability.

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