Global Urban Sustainability

Nordic urban greenery in a global context – present state and future imaginaries

Global Urban Sustainability , Governance , Urban Biodiversity

Marcus Hedblom, Professor in Landscape Management, SLU, was one of the speakers at the Nordic conference: Towards Greener, Healthier and Resilient Cities, on 1 Dec 2022. (Website in Swedish, recorded video in English.)

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What’s to eat? Women, children and the urban food environment: the case of Addis Ababa

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Childhoods , Urban Food and Agriculture

Food and nutrition security is a cornerstone for achieving global sustainable development. In Africa’s rapidly growing cities, unemployment and widespread poverty currently leads to high levels of food and nutrition insecurity for a large share of the population.

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How can Living Labs contribute to sustainable urban transformation?

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Global Urban Sustainability , Living Labs , Method Development

A short clip where some of the speakers at the conference Getting our Cities Right #2 in Alnarp reflect on Living Laboratories as a methodology to create more sustainable urban landscapes.

Arguments for greener cities

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Ecosystem Services , Urban Landscapes and Forests

(Research compilation in Swedish) Vilka fördelar har gröna städer? Argumenten för gröna städer är överväldigande för den som följer aktuell forskning. Växter i stadsmiljöer har positiva effekter för invånarnas hälsa, klimatet, den biologiska mångfalden, den sociala sammanhållningen och…

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More trees are needed in cities

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Biodiversity , Urban Ecosystem Services

(Article in Swedish) Johanna Deak Sjöman är forskare i grön infrastruktur och urbana ekosystemstjänster vid Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet. Hon ger oss en bild över det aktuella forskningsläget och förklarar hur grönska påverkar klimatet i urbana miljöer.

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Learning from the Global South: strategic public space design for the informal city

Global Urban Sustainability , Governance , Social Inclusiveness and Health

Landscape architecture scholar Caroline Dahl of SLU Landscape travelled to Buenos Aires in May 2022 for a teacher’s exchange and engaged in a conversation with urban researcher Max Rohm of UBA’s Architecture and Urban Design Faculty.

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What drives people’s decision-making regarding climate change? What personal values in the landscape are at risk from the effects of climate change?

Global Urban Sustainability , Governance , Social Inclusiveness and Health

A recently published article entitled "DeveLoP - a rationale and toolbox for Democratic Landscape Planning" presents a rationale and a toolbox for analyzing individuals' decision-making and elicit their values in the landscape.

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Urban nature connects Europe and Latin America

Global Urban Sustainability , Method Development , Urban Ecosystem Services

By connecting researchers, policymakers, local communities and developers, the Conexus project is co-creating and evidencing solutions that are inspired and supported by nature. SLU is coordinating and running living labs across seven countries in Europe and Latin America.

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Deficient sanitation increases the risk of animal spread diseases in slums

Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Wildlife

A research project led by researchers from SLU is studying how diseases that spread from animals to humans in Salvador, Brazil, can be reduced. The research includes four areas in metropolitan slums with a lack of sanitation, such…

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Informal Settlements and Sustainable Urban Development: Towards a more inclusive urban agenda

Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Design

In September 2021 international guests were invited to explore the dynamics of rapid urbanization and environmental change in the context of informal settlements in the global south. Find the recorded webinar here.

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Soundscape Perceptions and Preferences for Different Groups of Users in Urban Recreational Forest Parks

Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Although the soundscape in cities is receiving increased attention in urban planning, there is still a lack of knowledge of how personal factors influence the perception of and preference for soundscapes. This study from Xi’an, China, explores the…

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The power of design and landscape perspectives

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Landscape architecture, in research and practice, is a field with potential to greatly influence and strengthen urban transformations and sustainable development. We met with Gunilla Lindholm, associate professor in Landscape Architecture at SLU, to hear more about this…

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Effects of uncontrolled urbanization on river streamflow and water quality

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Urbanisation cause degradation of water quality and streamflow in rivers and streams worldwide. Benjamin Gossweiler Herrera evaluated land changes, water quality and flow in the river after three decades of urbanization in his new doctoral thesis.

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Source-sorting toilets and sewers – an important issue for sustainable urban development

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Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Circularity

(Video in Swedish) Ett väl fungerande system för hantering av toalettavfall är grundläggande för både hälsa och miljö. Det finns dock de som menar att dagens vattenbaserade system har spelat ut sin roll, och att det är dags…

Don’t flush the secret to sustainable agriculture down the toilet!

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Circularity , Urban Food and Agriculture

In the apartment buildings of tomorrow, the lowly toilet is set to contribute to reduced emissions and more sustainable agriculture. A new system from researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) transforms urine into nutrient-filled pellets…

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Urban Take-Away: The Strategic Synthesis Project

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Global Urban Sustainability , Governance , Method Development

In our second Urban Take-Aways, we meet Jonas Bylund, research and innovations officer for JPI Urban Europe and programme coordinator for IQS. We make a deep dive into synthesis and explore what it means and how it can contribute…

Smart urban food production

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Food and Agriculture , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Food production and consumption entail major sustainability challenges such as climate change, resource consumption and ecological impact. Cities and urban environments are considered central to the development of the food system because they drive both distribution and consumption…

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Strategic Synthesis Project

Global Urban Sustainability , Method Development , Urban Design

This inter-institutional and transdisciplinary exchange targets harvesting knowledge on synthesis processes and methods relevant to urban topics considered at the European level. Initiated in 2018, it unfolds in partnership with IQ Samhällsbyggnad and Joint Programming Initiative JPI Urban…

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Animal Adaptations to Survive the Anthropocene

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

The world is changing fast. Some animals adapt and may even thrive in the presence of humans, while other species decline and face extinction. Dr. Kays will present his research using animal tracking and camera traps to study…

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The children’s voices about the city as a living environment for themselves

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Childhoods

As part of the preparation for the Healthy Urban Childhoods summit 2019, SLU Urban Futures funded a project where children and young people from Sweden and around the world shared questions and messages on urban health for the…

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