How can living labs shape transformative change?

Contemporary urbanization represents and asks for new collaborations across disciplines and sectors. New methods are being explored and new actor-constellations are joining forces to co-produce targeted solutions. Here universities can have an influential role in society, holding assets and knowledge that can utilize a research site, -process, -network as a Living Lab.

How can Living Labs contribute to sustainable urban transformation?

Global Urban Sustainability , Living Labs , Method Development

A short clip where some of the speakers at the conference Getting our Cities Right #2 in Alnarp reflect on Living Laboratories as a methodology to create more sustainable urban landscapes.

Alnarp's Living Lab Landscape

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Alnarp can be seen as an agricultural and forest island in the highly urbanized region of Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The dynamic campus landscape constitutes a valuable resource for transdisciplinary research, teaching and collaboration.

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The Campus as a Living Lab - How Utrecht University is co-producing targeted sustainability solutions

Living Labs , Method Development

Society faces a multitude of complex sustainability challenges, which require new ways of thinking and doing. Universities, with their assets and knowledge, play an influential role in facilitating such change by collaborating across disciplines and sectors.

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Lab Stories - Alnarp Landscape laboratory

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

(Video in Swedish) SLU Urban Futures met Björn Wiström and Erik Svensson in charge of the maintenance and development of the Alnarp Landscape Laboratory, covering about 20 hectares of land for experimental design, construction and management.

Lab Stories - Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden

Living Labs , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Alnarp Rehabilitation Garden is one of SLU's living labs and an arena that invites to multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research and collaboration. SLU Urban Futures met Anna María Pálsdóttir and Vanessa Mårtensson to learn more about this kind…

Lab Stories - Ekostaden Augustenborg

Living Labs , Urban Biodiversity , Urban Ecosystem Services

Ekostaden (The Eco City) Augustenborg is one of Sweden´s largest urban sustainability projects. We met up with SLU researcher Tobias Emilsson to hear more about SLU's role in the Vinnova project 'Testbed for Green-Blue Urban Solutions'.

The time is ripe for a Living Lab Campus

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Campus Alnarp has a long tradition of using the outdoors for testbeds, trial areas and landscape laboratories. In the autumn of 2022 a new doctoral project in Alnarp will explore the possibilities of using the landscapes of the…

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Campus Lab Landscapes: Creating dialogue between Alnarp, Uppsala, and Umeå

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

During the SLU Landscape Days 2021, SLU Urban Futures hosted an interactive workshop to open a dialogue on conceptualizing and creating living labs on university campuses. Read more about the event and the definitions of living labs.

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Landscape Laboratory Alnarp 2.0 - towards a Landscape Lab Office

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

The Alnarp Landscape Lab can be identified as a new form of wooded urban open space and a living lab for urban woods, accessible to urban publics as much as to urban researchers, teachers, and students.

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Living Lab SLU Landscape - collaboration-capacity building

Living Labs , Method Development , Urban Landscapes and Forests

This initiative, running since 2015, focuses on inter-disciplinary engagements within a university context, with the aim of developing tools for synthetically bridging geographically isolated, and historically separate academic research domains.

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SLU Urban Futures meets Michel Desvigne

Living Labs , Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Alnarp Campus is situated in the increasingly urbanized Öresund region. With its vast park and outdoor areas it can develop into a unique venue for students, scientists and citizens into a Green Living Laboratory for sustainable development.

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