What is an urban landscape perspective?

Today, much urban research is driven by architectural, social scientific, administrative or economic players. Adding a landscape perspective enriches the definition of ‘urban’ by bringing a spatial and socio-ecological approach that considers water cycles, vegetation systems, urban open spaces, mobility patterns, and much more.

The Landscape Architecture Programme 50 years

Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

The Landscape Architecture Programme at SLU turns 50 years in 2021. This will be celebrated through a series of roundtable discussions, campus events, a film and an overview of the development of the education over 50 years.

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The power of design and landscape perspectives

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Landscape architecture, in research and practice, is a field with potential to greatly influence and strengthen urban transformations and sustainable development. We met with Gunilla Lindholm, associate professor in Landscape Architecture at SLU, to hear more about this…

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What drives people's decision-making regarding climate change? What personal values in the landscape are at risk from the effects of climate change?

Global Urban Sustainability , Governance , Social Inclusiveness and Health

A recently published article entitled "DeveLoP - a rationale and toolbox for Democratic Landscape Planning" presents a rationale and a toolbox for analyzing individuals' decision-making and elicit their values in the landscape.

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Effects of uncontrolled urbanization on river streamflow and water quality

Global Urban Sustainability , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Urbanisation cause degradation of water quality and streamflow in rivers and streams worldwide. Benjamin Gossweiler Herrera evaluated land changes, water quality and flow in the river after three decades of urbanization in his new doctoral thesis.

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Informal Settlements and Sustainable Urban Development: Towards a more inclusive urban agenda

Global Urban Sustainability , Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Design

In September 2021 international guests were invited to explore the dynamics of rapid urbanization and environmental change in the context of informal settlements in the global south. Find the recorded webinar here.

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How big should a schoolyard or preschoolyard be?

Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Childhoods , Urban Design

(Article in Swedish.) Hur stor ska en skolgård eller förskolegård vara? Konkurrensen om mark i bebyggd miljö har ofta resulterat i för små ytor för att kunna främja barns hälsosamma utevistelse. Fördjupad kunskap om dessa utemiljöers storlekar presenteras…

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Emily Wade, adjunct professor of landscape-adapted infrastructure

Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Mobility

Emily Wade, SLU Adjunct Artistic Professor and Landscape Architect, was one of the keynote speakers at the SLU Landscape Day in 2020. She introduced the development of a new hub in SLU exploring how the design of infrastructure…

Urban open space governance and management

Governance , Urban Ecosystem Services , Urban Landscapes and Forests

An anthology about the development and management of the urban landscape, suitable as course literature as well as for anyone interested in urban open space and sustainable development.

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Podcast: Designing environments for the human needs

Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

Researcher Jonathan Stoltz from SLU shares his current research about how environments can be designed to cater for the human needs. The podcast hopes to inspire city designers to creatively integrate evidence-based design in their planning practices to…

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Designing for Energy Transition - Dirk Sijmons (NL)

Governance , Urban Design , Urban Landscapes and Forests

SLU Urban Talk - 17 January 2019. Dirk Sijmons, founder of the H+N+S office and former State Landscape Architect of the Netherlands examines the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy from a spatial design perspective.

Wildlife in the city

Urban Biodiversity , Urban Landscapes and Forests , Urban Wildlife

Hur står sig djurens rättigheter när vi planerar våra städer? Ska vi ha stora parker i städerna eller många små för att de vilda djuren ska trivas? Vilken stadsplanering är bäst för djuren och vilken forskning saknar vi?…

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Understanding urban foodscapes for planning, design and governance of cities

Governance , Urban Design , Urban Food and Agriculture

Food has always had an influence on the urban landscape, beginning in the early markets that cities developed around to today’s meeting places around and with food. It is not only about the food production process, but more…

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Urban running tracks

Social Inclusiveness and Health , Urban Design , Urban Mobility

The lack of everyday exercise is a growing societal problem. The physical planning of our cities plays a central role in this context: more environments are needed that facilitate, and inspire, exercise. (Article in Swedish.)

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